Are you a Cool Dad?

We’ve being talking about it and sharing for months, but we’ve never really clarified what it means to be a Cool Dad.

So you read our blogs, like our posts on Facebook and laugh with us on Twitter but, in the end, do you have what it takes to be a Cool Dad? Are you one, or is your man one?

Stay with me here, we’ll start slow.

Are you the king of pancakes, the champion of pillow fights and the best at fixing broken toys with glue and duct tape? Then you’re a Cool Dad.

When your kid improvises a play that seems to never end, do you watch, without looking at your iPhone and applaud him for his efforts? You’re a Cool Dad.

Do you console him when he cries, encourage him when he fails and push him to do more when you know he can? You’re a Cool Dad.

Even when he asks you the same question for the 36th time, even when you know he knows the answer, even when it’s the dumbest question you’ve ever heard, do you answer him? You’re a Cool Dad.

Do you treat your wife (his mom) with respect in front of him and do your best to show him the proper way to treat women and people generally? You’re a Cool Dad.

When you’re angry with your kid for something he said or did and you inappropriately blow a parental gasket, do you man up and apologize? Do you show him the importance of admitting errors and being humble in life? Then you are a Cool Dad.

If you do none of these things, you don’t think you spend enough time with your child and you’re starting to believe that you should take your role as a father more seriously, just for doubting yourself and wanting to do more, you are a Cool Dad.

Finally, just because you’re here now, reading a blog about parenting and hopefully trying to do a better job, you’re a Cool Dad.

It’s not about being perfect, being the best story teller or the most patient dad out there. It’s about trying, with love and care, to be the dad your child deserves to have.

So gear up, keep at it and know this: you’re doing a damn good job. Spread the word, share this article and boost dad morale around you.


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