Five reasons why I’m a lousy husband

I’m far from being the perfect husband and, in this time of serious introspection, I’m taking a step back and looking at why.

1.I argue way too much, and I’m always right.

It must be so hard on my wife. I can’t even imagine being in her shoes. But I just can’t stop. Every time we have a “heated” discussion and I know I should just make my point or let it go, I have to argue, explain and convince like I’m a lawyer and my client’s life depends on the issue at hand. I can’t resist—I’m attracted to debate like bears to honey.

Want to know why I’m always right? It’s because when I’m wrong, I don’t argue. It’s that simple. If I have the slightest inkling that I might be wrong, if I’m not 100% sure of what I’m saying, I let it go, on the spot and I move on. Just one more reason for to get my wife angry at me and at my ability to forget something the second it’s over

2.I have too much energy.

An infinite amount of it, actually, and it can really get on my wife’s nerves. When everyone’s exhausted after a full day of activities and they’re all relaxing on the couch, I’ll be the one to come up with the over-the-top idea of doing something else, right now! That Red Bull guy, it’s me. I go to the gym in the morning, work too many hours every day, get home in time to prepare supper and will still have enough gas in the tank to take the kids out to play like it wasn’t a weekday. I’m that guy at the playground screaming, “One more, let’s go!”

The problem with this attitude is that, in comparison to me, people (like my wife) often don’t feel up to the task. They think they’re off their game or should be able to do more when, instead, it’s me that wishes I could slow down and take a breather. Because sometimes, being hyperactive can really get on your own nerves.

4.I’m allergic to whining.

It’s not like I’ll get pimples or a rash but listening to people (like kids) complain and whine for no good reason has the same effect on me as the sound of nails on a blackboard. My life is beautiful, and when it isn’t, I’m the only one to blame and I fix it. The problem is with my inability to understand that not everyone is like that. Most people need be listened to, with patience and care so that they feel better about what’s happening and then proceed to take action. But care and patience isn’t something you have in mind when listening to nails on a blackboard…

5.I have too many projects.

It’s one after another. The paint on the wall is still drying and I’m already redecorating. If it’s not a website, I’m buying real estate, building a garage in the back of the house or starting a new sport. Then, I ask myself why nobody can keep up with me and why they say I can’t focus on anything. No wonder why wife won’t pay attention when I talk: by the time I’m done saying something, I’ve already changed my mind and I’m off to another project.

At least there’s one thing that I’m not afraid of admitting and that makes me a great husband: I can admit that I have all of these flaws and that I’m not perfect but that I can work on them. Every day, I try to be a better man, father and husband. And if my wife can just hang on for a few more years, I just might end up being a decent guy. Hey, nobody’s perfect but we can all do something today, for the man we will be tomorrow.

For now, I have to stop the list at five because if I listed all the things that are wrong with me, the article would be too long and you would think I’m completely nuts.

P.S. I know that number 3 is missing. Dyslexia is another reason why I’m a bad husband!


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